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For the partnership between home and the school to be successful it is important to maintain positive communication. If you have any information that would be in your child’s best interest to share with the school or if you have questions or concerns, please send a note, an email, or a Schoology message to your child’s teacher or call the school office to speak to the teacher or school administration.

Staff Email Listing

Encourage your child to check his/her backpack and folders every evening for information and messages sent home from school. 

The BCS App connects parents, students, staff and community to our most sought-after information in a convenient format – your mobile device. The App is free for users and available for immediate download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can also login, view information and manage settings and preferences from your desktop, visit:

 School Office Email List:

Attendance Secretary -



Enrollment Secretary - Bethany Anderson


Assistant Principal - Leah Hite


Assistant Principal - Scott Gusic


Principal - Mark Barney