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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Buses arrive at school between 8:20 – 8:45 AM.  Car Riders/Walkers may enter the building between 8:20 – 8:45 AM.  For safety reasons, parents should not leave students unattended at school prior to 8:20 AM.

Any student arriving after 8:45 AM will be considered tardy, and parents should park in the Westview Baptist Church and walk their child to the front office for check-in.

Dismissal of students will begin at 3:15 PM.



Procedures for picking up students during school hours:

  • Requests for early dismissal must be kept to a minimum.
  • A note is required so the teacher will know in advance that the student is leaving early.  This eliminates class disruption when the student leaves early. 
  • All doors will be locked during school hours for safety reasons.  If parents must pick up a child during school hours, parents need to come to the front doors near the office area.
  • Parents must check in with the school secretary.  Parents are NOT to go to the classroom.  The student will come to the office for dismissal.
  • A sign out sheet is located in the office. Parents must complete this sheet stating student name, date, time, reason for leaving, and signature.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures for Car Riders


For the safety of our students, it is extremely important to adhere to the following procedures when regularly dropping off or picking up your child.


Arrival Time:  8:20 - 8:45 AM

(After 8:45 AM, your child will be considered tardy and you will need to park in the Westview Baptist Church parking lot to bring your child to the front office.)



  1. If your child will be a daily car rider, you have been given (or will be given) car tags for your vehicles with a number on them that will be specific to your child. Please display this tag in your windshield when dropping off and picking up your child. Identification may be requested by staff members.   (If for some reason, another family member or friend will be picking up your child, please send a note with your child so that our staff members are aware of the change.)


  1. Cars need to line up along Stephen Street and continue forward in a single line. We ask that your child exit the car on the Stephen Street sidewalk.  A sign will clearly mark the drop off area. 


  1. After your child exits the car, you may either turn right on South Louisiana Avenue or South Delaware Avenue to King Street.


  1. Parking is only available in the Westview Baptist Church parking lot on South Louisiana Avenue. You will need to park in the church parking lot and enter the school at the front office doors if you need to bring your child into school.


Dismissal Time:  3:15 - 3:30 PM


Dismissal will be done in the same manner.  For Car Riders, please line up along Stephen Street and proceed forward to the marked area. We will load three cars at a time. 


If your child is a daily Walker, Walkers will be called to the front office for dismissal.  Please remember that if you park your car, it must be parked at Westview Baptist Church.


Buses will always load and unload in front of the school on Alabama Avenue.  Buses will turn left onto Stephen Street.  Please leave enough room in the Car Rider line on Stephen Street to allow buses to turn safely.  For the safety of all of our students, no car riders may load or unload on Alabama Avenue.




We appreciate your cooperation in this matter!  

  • Anytime there is a change in the transportation of your student, a note needs to be written to the homeroom teacher and signed by the parent.  (Example of change in transportation – if you need to pick up your student as a car rider when he or she generally rides the bus.)  For safety reasons, students are NOT permitted to leave the building with anyone other than a parent/guardian unless written permission has been approved.
  • If you have an emergency and need to change your student’s dismissal plan, please call the front office before 3:00 PM so that the message can be relayed.


Procedures for students going home with a friend:

If your child will be riding the bus home or being picked up by another student’s parents, both parties need to have written notes about this change in dismissal.  This will ensure that both students have permission for these arrangements.