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Visitors & Parties


The school will be responsible for all parties. Arrangements will be made through the office, classroom teacher or school wide party coordinator for any crafts, projects, or special activities in the classroom. Please do not send in treat bags to be distributed on non-party days. Students will not dress up for Halloween. You must sign up at the beginning of the year with your child’s classroom teacher to be a parent volunteer. Homeroom parents coordinate the Winter Holiday and Valentine’s Day parties with the classroom teacher. Please do not send in treats or refreshments for parties unless you are called by your child’s teacher or parent party coordinator.  Due to space &

safety issues, we cannot accommodate younger siblings at school parties.


In an effort to treat all students fairly, it is school policy that NO STUDENT BIRTHDAY PARTIES will be held during school hours. Please do not send in cupcakes or other party treats for your child’s birthday. Flowers or balloons will not be delivered to students at school. Each classroom teacher individually recognizes student birthdays in the classroom. In addition, the students are recognized by the Principal who presents them with a Birthday Card and Pencil. Student birthday party invitations will be accepted by the classroom teachers under the following guidelines:

* an invitation is provided for each student in the class

* the invitations are not sent in an envelope                       


We encourage visitors to come by and share in the exciting programs at Spring Mills Primary. To ensure that you are given uninterrupted time, please call ahead for an appointment. When visiting between 9:00a.m. and 2:30 p.m., please park in the left/north side parking lot or in the front visitor parking spaces. For the safety of our children, all parents and visitors are required to report to the school office upon entering the building. Visitors must enter at the front door and press the buzzer. Anyone going beyond the office area is required to sign in at the office and wear a visitor sticker. Students are not escorted to class by parents. Classroom morning arrival and afternoon dismissal is a busy time for teachers, and parents will not be permitted in the classroom for parent conference at those times.