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Classwork, Test Tips, Grades & Field Trips


Students may be required to complete some review practice work at home. Classroom teachers will assign homework as they determine it to be a helpful reinforcement of skills. Homework is the student’s responsibility. However, we encourage parent involvement and assistance with home studies and practice.


Students are responsible for all work missed due to absences, tardies or early dismissal. Please work with your child’s teacher to help the student get caught up. You may wish to arrange to pick up assignments and books if your child will be out for a while. Please call the office before 9:00 a.m. if you are requesting to pick up homework at the end of the day.


If a student is to be excused from physical education classes, an excuse from a doctor is required.  A child who does not participate in physical education classes should not go outdoors to play during afternoon recess.  For the child's safety, they are to wear sneakers (no sandals or flip flops) for physical education classes and daily recess.



  1. Has the recommended notebook, paper, pencil and other materials necessary.
  2. Check with the teacher for added materials needed in their class.
  3. Is an active participant in the classroom; listens well; takes part in discussions.
  4. Asks questions if he/she does not understand the discussion or if he/she has a problem
  5. Plans his/her work and schedules time for homework each day; makes sure he/she understands the assignment before he/she leaves the class.
  6. Strives to do his/her best, not just get by.


  1. Relax and work independently.
  2. Read the directions carefully and then follow them.
  3. Read the whole test first to see what is being asked.
  4. Read each question twice before answering.
  5. Think before you write.
  6. Answer questions fully with information asked for – (not what isn't asked for).
  7. Check your paper for spelling and grammar before turning it in.


  • Refusing to participate with assigned activities in Physical Education, Art or Music will result in a loss of points toward the student’s final report card grade. Students will not be considered for Honor Roll if an N (Needs Improvement) grade is earned in Art, Physical Education, or Music.

The Berkeley County Grading Scale for the first and second grade is:

  • 100-90 A
  • 89-80 B                                   
  • 79-70 C                                                 
  • 69-60 D 
  • 60-0 F
  • O=Outstanding  
  • S=Satisfactory Progress         
  • N=Needs Improvement


If a field trip is planned by a teacher, a permission slip must be signed and returned by a parent/guardian before your child will be allowed to attend any field trip. All Spring Mills Primary Students participating with field trips must travel by school bus with the classroom teachers. For liability purposes, no students will be transported to Field Trips by parents. Chaperones are pre-approved by the Board of Education to accompany students on these trips and will also be required to pay a fee for the trip.* Parent’s/Guardians must have a secure background check completed in order to be approved as a chaperone. Any student who does not return a permission slip or is denied permission to attend by a parent/guardian, will be supervised at school and will be provided with seat work to complete. ANY STUDENT WHO HAS BEEN SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL THE DAY OF THE TRIP WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND.

  • *Some field trips will not require parent chaperones.