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General & Playground Rules


Keep corridors open to traffic by walking to the right at all times.

Discard trash in the containers provided.

Be considerate of others in the hall and classroom.

Hard balls, bats, knives/blades, sharp objects, or any other harmful objects must not be brought to school.

Pets, toys, or radios are not permitted at school unless previously approved by the teacher for Show & Tell.

No items are to be brought to school for the purpose of sale or trade.

Discipline action will be taken for the following: fighting, swearing, kicking, spitting, or disrespect for the teachers or other members of the school staff.

Also, we will follow the Berkeley County Policy in dealing with bullying, sexual harassment, threats, and racial discrimination.


Students are responsible for the proper care of all books, supplies and furniture supplied by the school. Parents of students who disfigure property, break windows, or do other damage to school property or equipment will be required to pay for the damage done or replace the item.


No equipment brought from home to school.

Use the playground equipment properly. (as instructed by the teachers)

Respect others both physically and verbally.