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Student Dress


Student's dress and appearance are the responsibility of the parents. We ask that you dress your child in clothing and footwear that is suitable for movement throughout the school and on the playground. Hats and caps are permitted, but may only be worn outside the building.

  1. Students (boys & girls) may wear shorts or skirts - no shorter than fingertip length.
  2. Boys must keep their shirts buttoned.
  3. Shoes or sneakers should be worn. For student safety, sandals, clogs, flip flops, open toe shoes, and sneakers that are backless are NOT permitted.
  4. Halter tops, tank tops (less than 2” wide strap) or cut off shirts are NOT permitted.                             
  1. We discourage perfumes, make-up, or artificial fingernails for our age group.
  2. Clothing depicting profanity, drugs or vulgarity will not be allowed.
  3. Sneaker skates are not permitted for the safety of the children.
  4. Large chain necklaces are dangerous to wear during physical activity.
  5. We discourage painted tattoos, spray hair color or costumes.         
  6. Musical sneakers and clothing are prohibited.


When a student’s dress causes a disruption in the educational process, parents will be asked to remove their child from school until proper dress is worn.  Refer to the County Dress Code Policy. Dress code may change pending county policy revision.