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Good Behavior & Discipline Plan

School-Wide Plan


We feel that in order for a child to succeed in school, he/she must be happy, safe, and comfortable in the school atmosphere. In order to have such an environment, we must have discipline. We feel that rules provide adequate guidance for children to practice self-discipline.  By practicing self-discipline and following school rules, all children can help to establish an enjoyable learning environment.

When a student makes positive choices, he or she will be asked to “clip up” on the classroom clip chart that will be displayed in the classroom. When a student breaks a school-wide or classroom rule, he or she will be asked to “clip down”. A chart will be sent home daily to inform the parents of their child’s color earned that day. Each child will start the day on “green” and based on the choices that the child makes that day, he/she will move up or down on the clip-chart. The following is a list of the colors that will be used on each classroom’s clip chart. 

            Pink   - Outstanding Choices

            Purple – Great Choices

            Blue – Good Choices

            Green – Ready to Learn

            Yellow - Warning

            Orange - Reteach/Consequence (5 minutes)

            Red – Reteach/Consequence (10 minutes)

Behaviors that warrant a “clip down” will focus on Level 1 and 2 behaviors. These behaviors can be found in the Berkeley County Schools Student Handbook.  Examples include:

  1. Not following directions
  2. Being unkind to others
  3. Defiance
  4. Interrupting Instruction

*  Spring Mills Primary follows the Berkeley County Discipline Policy

    (See County Handbook)

Bucket Filler

Students and staff can be nominated for outstanding kindness and helpful acts they demonstrate at Spring Mills Primary School. Nominations are written on hearts and stars that are provided to all staff members. All nominations are announced, given certificates/prizes and are recognized on the main hall bulletin board.   

Core Essentials-Character Education Program

There is a new character value every month.  Mini lessons on each value are presented every month in guidance. Everyday a fun fact on the core essential is announced to reinforce the character value. Parents also receive monthly newsletters with story suggestions, quotes and conversation starters to enrich the program.                     

Core Essentials-Student of the Month Program 

Student of the Month is based on the monthly Core Essential Value.  Students are chosen by their homeroom teacher each month for demonstrating that value. Students receive a certificate, a coupon, and their photo displayed on the main hall bulletin board. Every student will have an opportunity to be selected as student of the month.

OLWEUS Bully Prevention Program

The OLWEUS Bullying Prevention program is designed to reduce existing bullying problems among students, prevent the development of new bullying situations and achieve better peer relations.  Spring Mills Primary takes part in a county wide annual kick off week in mid-September. Students participate in weekly class meetings designed to encourage collaboration, problem solving, positive peer relations and conflict resolution. When a bullying incident occurs the administration and counselor become involved to gather information, address those involved and notify parents/guardians of the situation. More information can be found on the Berkeley County Schools Website.