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Parking Permits

Students will complete and return the registration form, with parent signature to Mrs. Walling. 
Parking Permit Form (PDF)  *This is not a fillable form; it must be printed and completed by hand.
All payments are online through My School Bucks.  No payments will be made at school.
Upon receipt of the student's registration form and confirmation of payment, the permit will be issued the next school day.

1. Student must have the permit affixed to the rear view mirror facing out.

2. The permit number must match the vehicle’s license plate number.

3. STUDENT MUST Park in the designated NORTH LOT Stadium end.

4. Student must enter school upon arrival in the morning AND depart school grounds, at the conclusion of the school day. NO LOITERING IN VEHICLES OR THE PARKING LOT.

5. Spring Mills High School is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Keep your vehicle locked at all times.

6. The $22.00 (CREDIT CARD ONLY) permit fee is non-transferrable.

7. NO PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted.

8. Please reference the My School Bucks link on the school’s web page to pay with a credit card (off site).

9. Your parking privileges WILL be revoked for the following violations:

- Hazardous or reckless driving

- Parking in unauthorized areas

- Loitering in vehicles

- Violation of attendance or behavioral contract

- Skipping or assisting another student to skip school

- Vandalism

- 5 unexcused tardies to school will result in the suspension of parking privileges.

- Drug, alcohol or tobacco possession or use on school property

- Any reason deemed appropriate by the administration of Spring Mills High School.

10. Parking permit fees will not be refunded for any reason including the confiscation of the permit.

11. All accidents must be reported to an administrator and an accident report must be completed.

12. SENIORS ONLY- For an additional $10.00 you may decorate your parking space.

 **Driving Is A Privilege-Be Safe-Be Responsible**