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Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Prevention

Resources: Underage Drinking Prevention & Support

  • Parents: The Anti-Drug- Very informative: what is a standard drink, health hazards, identifies risky behaviors to look for, offers advice to adults to prevent underage drinking.
  • SAMHSA’s National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information - Information for families, school, communities, etc. Links to research, statistics, brochures for parents and educators.
  • WebMD: Children’s Health section- Article giving advice to teens about not drinking. Explains effects of alcohol on specific organs and systems of the body. Binge drinking and addiction also addressed. Tip: type “alcohol” in search box at for links to more articles.
  • Kids Health - Guide for parents to talk with children (preschoolers through teens) about alcohol.
  • Kids Health for Kids - Interactive page for kids. Type “alcohol” into the search box to find relevant information for kids.

Resources: Drug Prevention & Support Resources

Resources: Tobacco Prevention & Support Resources

  • WV RAZE -West Virginia’s teens, tearing down the lies of Big Tobacco