Art Rules & Procedures II


1. Listen and follow directions.

2. Respect others and school property.

3. Stay in your assigned seat (unless you have permission to

    get up). 

4. Work quietly and turn your work in on time (if the class is

    noisy, we will have "SILENT ART").

5. Finish your work, participate in class and work safely.

6. Clean up your area before you leave.


CONSEQUENCES (using Color Chart)

1. Warning

2. Time Out 

3. Time Out(lunch conference)  

4. Time Out(parent contact)

5. Principals' Meeting



1. Praise(good job, excellent)

2. Best Art Class Leaders'Award every 9 weeks

3. Star Award every 9 weeks

4. Best Art Student Leader Award 1st & 2nd part of the year   






1.  Come in class quietly.

2.  Get your Art Portfolio or have your Ipads ready.

3.  Listen and wait for instructions.

4.  Use your inside voice.

5.  Do not quit, keep trying.

6.  Do your best.

7.  Please do not talk when I am talking. 

8.  Put supplies away during CLEAN UP TIME.

9.  Wait for your table to be called to line up.

10. Look straight ahead with your arms crossed in front of

      you (sitting like a statute).