Multi-Cultural Educators Association (MCEA)


Our mission, in collaboration with the Berkeley County School District personnel, is as follows: 

  • to recruit, support, and empower multi-cultural educators.
  • to identify and minimize implicit and explicit bias in the recruitment, hiring and treatment of educators; and find ways to increase multi-cultural employment within the County.
  • to identify and minimize implicit and explicit bias in the education and discipline of students in the Berkeley County Schools system.
  • to support the inclusion and representation of diverse groups in all sectors of the classroom, school, and organizational settings within the Berkeley County School system.

Vision Statement:

Our goal is to improve and ensure the presence of multi-cultural employees at every level, from service personnel, professional personnel, administrative positions, and positions within the Board Office.  In addition, we seek to ensure accountability, equity, diversity, and inclusion within the staff and student populations of Berkeley County Schools by creating applicable lessons, training modules and other instructional aids that will help promote diversity and equity within our county.


Nikki Landerkin (Martinsburg North Middle School):

Paul Baker (Martinsburg South Middle School):

Jodi Williams (Opeqoun Elementary School):

Shayla Brown (Musselman Middle School):


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Berkeley County Multi-Cultural Educators Association