Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Team

Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Team

Berkeley County Schools (BCS) is consistently looking for ways to improve our learning environment.  One way we improve is by seeking input from student leaders on various topics.  Student leaders are identified in each school to render their voice in this unique opportunity at the BCS’ district level. 

Purpose:  To support Berkeley County Schools in initiatives to expand Equity and Inclusion as outlined in WV Code 18-5-15a; WVDE Policies 2322, 2510, 2315, and 4373; and BCS Policy IDF.

Objective: To provide solution-based feedback and recommendations, from the perspective of students, to Berkeley County Schools as pertaining to Multiculturalism and Global Competency in areas of:

  1. Pupil and Student Support Services: Discipline, Attendance, Safety, Equity and Cultural Proficiency, School Counseling, Nursing, etc.
  2. Curriculum and Instruction: Content Standards, Testing, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and Curriculum
  3. Human Resources: Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Workforce and Professional Development
  4. Other Areas as Needed

Team Members:  Consists of student representatives from all intermediate, middle, and high schools; as well as BCS Senior Staff Members.

Meetings:  The Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Team meets four times per school year.