SMS Spirit Week: Cultures in the Wild West

Next week is Spirit Week; so, please participate and help us celebrate different cultures.

Monday: You can start off the week with wearing Chinese culture themed clothes. Also, on that day you can bring in 50 cents to get your name painted in Chinese letters during lunch by the SMS Culture Club.

Tuesday: You can wear fake mustaches to pay homage to former American slave U.S. Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves. If you don't have a fake mustache you will have the opportunity to have a fake mustache painted on your face during lunch by the SMS Culture Club for free.

Wednesday: Wear your boots, cowboy hats, neck scarves and vests to celebrate the cultures of Mexican Americans, Chinese, and White Settlers.

Thursday: Don't Sweat the Differences and wear school appropiate sweats and athletic gear. Also, students and staff will have the chace to participate in relay races to celebrate all cultures during lunch.

Friday: Wear your school colors to celebrate Black History Month.