Staple & Binding Services

Stapling services are available for print requests up to 72 pages for folded projects or 100 pages for non-folded pages.

  • Binding is available. However, because binding is a costly and time-consuming process, please consider breaking your request into smaller page quantities to allow for stapling. Folded booklets must have a body that is divisible by 4 or 4-1 (ex. 16 or 15, 40 or 39). Booklets that do not have the correct amount of body pages will be stapled on the side. The cover does not count as part of the body and can have 1 to 4 pages (printing outside and/or inside of front and/or back cover).
  • Questions about the types of binding available, should be directed to the Print Shop at 304.267.3378 or by email or It is the goal of the print shop to print your request in the fastest, most cost efficient manner possible.