Musselman High School's History Club Studies Native American Heritage

Congratulations to Musselman High School for their Native American Heritage displayed presented by their History Club participants:

Mrs. Sullivan: Sponsor

Alex Parello

Amanda Hugas

Rebecca Peyton

Brennan Hammond

Destiny Webber

Isaiah Scott

Josh High

Roy McCord: Club President 

Sara Munson

Taylor Munson

Zach Grizzle

On November 15, they had the opportunity to see Matthew "Maasaw" Howard present information on local Indian tribes in Mrs. Sullivan's History Club. The club members entered into the Department of Equity and Inclusion's Native American Heritage Display Contest with other schools across the county.

We are proud of their work towards goals for equity and inclusion in areas of curricula and instruction, inclusion, representation and respectful acknowledging and celebrating of the cultural diversity of students within the classroom, school, community.