Continuing Education Class Offerings

Continuing education can include earning an advanced degree or completing individual courses. It may also include professional development workshops or workplace training. 

Continuing education matters for teachers because student needs and teaching challenges change as the surrounding culture changes. To help you stay current on best practices, and continually improve teaching and learning through new ideas, applications, and strategies, review the course and program offerings included here.

  • Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction - Shepherd University

  • Master of Arts in Teaching - Shepherd University

  • Concord University - Autism Coursework and Other Graduate Opportunities

  • Shepherd University - Master's Degrees for Teachers

Berkeley County Schools Board of Governors Cohort

Berkeley County Schools and Blue Ridge Community & Technical College have partnered to offer BCS service personnel a unique opportunity to earn the Board of Governor's Associate Degree beginning in August 2022. BCS employees who complete a cohort degree receive salary upgrades!

For every 12 credit hours completed, BCS employees receive a $110 annual supplement. Associate Degree graduates receive an additional $400 annual supplement. If you have questions about salary upgrades, contact Karen Hensell in the BCS Human Resources Office, Email Karen Hensell


Semester 1 – August – December 2022

  • CAS 111- Computer Literacy

  • CGEN 112 – Portfolio

Semester 2 – January – May 2023

  • ENGL 111 – Applied Technical Writing

  • EDET 155- Positive Workplace Communication

Semester 3 – August – December 2023

  • Math 199- Everyday Math

  • BUSN 108- Business Etiquette and Image

Semester 4 – Early Childhood Education courses January – Mid- May and Graduation 2024

  • ECED 103

  • ECED 105

TOTAL: 24 credits

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