General Information

If you need a printed copy of publications, you may pick one up at your school or from the Department of Human Resources at 1453 Winchester Avenue in Martinsburg.

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Calendar Information

Calendars are developed each spring and are approved by the School Board/State of WV in May.

In the event of school closings due to inclement weather or other emergencies, calendars may be adjusted to ensure the required number of instructional hours. Every effort will be made to communicate calendar adjustments to parents, students and staff as soon as possible.

Employee Handbooks

Berkeley County Schools created this employee handbook to assist you with issues related to your career within the school system. This handbook contains general information regarding your employment, human resource data for service and professional employees as well as internal and external communication resources utilized by our schools.

Employee Assistance Information

Employee Referral Program (ERP) provides employees and their families with opportunities to obtain assistance for a variety of reasons...