Mission, Vision, Core Beliefs

Our vision is to “inspire and empower ALL learners, preparing them for limitless opportunities” and our mission is to “provide a safe, inclusive and adaptive learning environment with multiple pathways to success”

Core Beliefs

Community Impact

Our schools and community are reflections of one another. Fostering civic-responsibility, community participation, and giving back creates a positive impact for students as well as the broader community.

High Expectations

All students engage in a meaningful education aligned with their passions and the necessary supports to achieve their goals.


Embracing the diversity and differing perspectives of our students, families and community; building inclusive environments; and ensuring resources are allocated according to needs, makes us stronger.


Mutual partnerships driven by transparency, communication, and integrity support students' social, emotional and academic growth.

Student Well-Being

Learning optimized when all students are valued and their social, emotional, physical, and academic needs are met.

Empowering All Staff

Shared decision-making and accountability ensures we are responsive and able to collaboratively adopt to changing needs.