Student Well-Being & Health Resources

Student Health Information & Resources

There is a strong relationship between academic achievement and a child's physical, emotional and mental health.  This link is the foundation for providing information on health services as an important component of a school program.  School health services provide primary prevention aimed at keeping students in school through appropriate screenings, early identification of children at risk for physical, emotional and mental health concerns, and case management of students with chronic health concerns.

This page provides the following:

  • Medical Order forms for Parent/Guardian to complete and submit to student's school if needed

  • Immunization & Health Check Screening Requirements necessary for enrollment in Berkeley County Schools

  • Links to student health services and resources in and around our community

We hope you will help join us in meeting the health needs of your student and positively impacting academic growth for all.  

Medical Forms & Information

All medications, including over the counter medicines, must have a medical order to be given at school.

Medication Order Form

Parents/Guardians: To be used for all medications except insulin and emergency seizure medication.

Emergency Seizure Medication - Medical Order Form & Guidelines

Parents/Guardians: To be used for emergency seizure medication only.

Diabetes Medical Management Plan

Parents/Guardians: This plan should be completed by the student’s personal diabetes health care team.

Special Medical Diets

Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service

This form must be completed at the start of each school year and each time student's diagnosis or change of treatment is indicated during the school year. Annual completion of this form by the student's medical authority ensures that current nutritional needs are being met at school.

Immunization & Health Check Screening Requirements

Requirements for Entry Into Pre-Kindergarten Program

All children entering an approved pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) classroom must have age appropriate immunizations upon enrollment as mandated by state law.

Click here to learn more about student immunization requirements

Before school attendance, parents/guardians must provide the school with proof of one of each of the required vaccines for their child's age group. Students will be unable to start school without documentation of required immunization records.

Returning to School After Illness

Safe & Healthy Student Resources