Education Pathways

Are you considering an alternative educational pathway for your student? Please review the information about the Berkeley County Virtual School, the Eastern Panhandle Preparatory Academy, and Homeschool programs below.

Eastern Panhandle Preparatory Academy

The Eastern Panhandle Preparatory Academy is a new tuition-free, public charter school opening in Fall 2022 for students in preschool through 10th grade.


Homeschool is for students whose parent or guardian wishes to educate a child or children in the home setting.

Berkeley County Virtual School

The Berkeley County Virtual School is is where Kindergarten through 12th Grade independent, self-motivated learners and highly-engaged caregivers can receive a quality education in a modern, virtual format.

Students will be:

  • Taught WV standards using WV approved materials

  • Counted as a member of their district home school so they can attend and participate in extracurricular activities

  • Provided coaching and support from Berkeley County teachers

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Current Students

Welcome Berkeley County Virtual School students and caregivers.  Please be sure to visit this site to find necessary updates, news, important documents, and helpful hints.

Tutoring, Proctoring, & Exams

FREE tutoring is available in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies for ALL students Monday-Thursday from 5-7 pm by appointment.

All tests/end of module assessments will be proctored virtually.  Visit your individual teacher's course content homepage to find the instructions on how to sign up for proctored tests. Virtual proctoring is every Tuesday (12:30-3:30 pm) and Thursday (9am-12pm).  You must make an appointment in order to attend the sessions. need to use your school issued device to take the test and you must have a camera available.

Questions? Get support -- Holly Branch at Email Holly Branch or 304-267-3510 extension 13284; Susan Cole at Email Susan Cole or 304-267-3510 extension 13289